Ongoing monthly games in Michigan

We've got four locations in Michigan with regular monthly games:
AFK Games in Holt/Lansing, Nostalgia Ink in Jackson,
BC Comix & Games in Battle Creek, and Guild of Blades in Clawson.
Check the schedule for a game near you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 2010 Schedule

11/05 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C
11/12 - 6:30pChuck WilsonBattletechOTP: Red Corsair21C
11/13 - 1:00pTom HeathBattletechOperation: KlondikeTWR
11/19 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C
11/20 - 11:00aJeff StoneBattletech'Mechs, Munchies and Mayhem!!ULX
11/26 - 6:00pAaron PollyeaBattletechScenario T.B.A.21C

Battle for Donnegal

This is just a simple reminder that this Friday will be Scenario Three of the Donegal-based Corporate-Ties Campaign. Tyler's Terrors' Gamma Battalion is rapid-deploying to seize and secure the HPG compound in the capital city of Marsdenville. Opposing them are the Fiftieth Shadow Division's elite Manei Domini. Who will prevail?

Join us at 21st Century Comics and Games this Friday the 19th at 6:00 PM and find out!

Jeff Skidmore

Mechs, Munchies, and Mayhem

November M3 is going to be on the 20th. We will be starting at 11 a.m. for Tabletop Battletech and then will break for food at 5 p.m., then Unlimited Pod Play for rest of night for $10. Tabletop as always is free.

Also a remider that location is at U.L.X. (Ultimate LAN Experience) on Planfield and 5mile in Grand Rapids.

Scenario will be a oldie but a goodie, will drop subtle hints in future posts, but do not want to ruin the surprise. Also there will be a special prize(s) given away for the TableTop portion, so be there or be square.

Hope to see you all there.

Jeff Stone

This is the schedule for June at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing, Michigan (21C), Syndicate Local 415 events in Grand Rapids, Michigan (SYN), Virtual World Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan (VWE), RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan (RIW), Our House Games in Monroe, Michigan (OHG), WarGames North in Cadillac, Michigan (WGN), The War Room in Traverse City, Michigan (TWR), and U.L.X. in Grand Rapids, Michigan (ULX).