Ongoing monthly games in Michigan

We've got multiple locations in Michigan with regular monthly games:
Summit Comics and Games in Lansing, The Arena in Jackson,
RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Eternal Games in Warren, and Games4Life in Lake Orion.
Check the schedule for a game near you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2009 Schedule

11/6 - 6:00pAaron PollyeaBattletechTyler's Terrors on Chesterton21C
11/13 - 6:30pChuck WilsonBattletechQuickStrike Battle21C
11/14 - 12:00nJeff StoneBattletech'Mechs, Munchies, and Mayhem GRS
11/15 - 11:00aJeff StoneBattletechFixed 'Mech Free-for-all21C

Mechs Munchies, and Mayhem
At 12 noon on the 14th of November (Saturday) we will be running Mechs Munchies and Mayhem at Goobers house, and then heading to GR pod bay for some "Beta Night" with the new mechs and also the beta of Red Planet. Details coming soon...

Fixed Mech Free For All
We will be hosting our first tournament at 21st Century Games on November 15th (Sunday). We will be having a Fixed Mech Free For All.

Round 1
Mech: Cougar
Map: Jungle
Visibility: Light Fog
Weather: On
Time of Day: Night

Round 2
Mech: Cyclops
Map: Dustbowl
Visibility: Heavy Fog
Weather: Off
Time of Day: Night

Round 3
Mech: Grizzly
Map: Factory
Visibility: Clear
Weather: Off
Time of Day: Day

Round 4
Mech: Pilots Choice
Map: Coliseum
Visibility: Clear
Weather: Off
Time of Day: Night

Price: $20.00 Day of $15.00 Early registration
Time: Practice at 11:00 AM Tournament at 2:00 PM

Scoring: We will use attrition scoring but winners will be based on Highest Kills, in event of tie the pilot with the lowest deaths, if still tied we will use score. Each round points will be awarded for place.

1st 5 pts
2nd 3 pts
3rd 2 pts
4th 1 pt

Once we determine who is in the final round each pilot will turn in there own mech choice. Scores will be reset to zero. So the placement of the final round will determine the placement for the tournament.

This is the schedule for June at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing, Michigan (21C), Syndicate Local 415 events in Grand Rapids, Michigan (SYN), Virtual World Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan (VWE), RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan (RIW), Our House Games in Monroe, Michigan (OHG), WarGames North in Cadillac, Michigan (WGN), and iCelebrate Church in East Jordan, Michigan (ICC).