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MRBC Force Brief: The Widowmaker Company


The Widowmakers began as a test case to promote greater cooperation across the Successor States in the face of the Clan onslaught. Building upon the successes made in persuading the heirs to the Successor State thrones to work together, Wolf's Dragoons assembled a multi-national force designed to take the fight to the Clans. Major Travis King's 'Widowmakers' were intended to be the vehicle by which Wolf's Dragoons could pass on their tactical and technological expertise without compromising their own security.
It was decided to create a small multinational force. Once this force had acquired a sufficient level of expertise in combating Clan forces, it would serve as a cadre which could train the other units (much as the Black Widow Training Battalion was used to prepare Wolf's Dragoons for the Clan onslaught). The House Lords agreed (though it took considerable effort to get a civil word, let alone a decision from Romano Liao).
Two 'MechWarriors from each house were to be sent along with equipment and support personnel. the Draconis Combine, Federated Commonwealth and Free Rasalhague Republic responded most enthusiastically, sending crack troops and their best equipment. House Marik sent two politically reliable but only passable warriors. The St. Ives Compact supplied AeroSpace support and crews for the Dropships and Jumpships. House Liao showed their contempt by sending broken down equipment and criminals who had been given the choice of serving with the new unit or prison and/or execution.

King was reported to say 'Liao wants to embarrass the other houses if we do not come up to scratch. Romano is going to be disappointed.'

In an attempt to help eliminate nationalistic rivalry all the 'Mechs were re-painted black and regulations were posted which banned the use of any identifying markings other than that of the Company or Wolf's Dragoons. Combined with intensive training this has managed to stop open fighting within the unit. In fact, one bonus has been that all members of the Widowmakers are very competitive. By trying to outdo the personnel from the other Houses, the Warriors maintain an impressive peak of performance.

Dragoons Rating: A

Major Travis King is the grandson of the late Colonel Travis King (a Freeborn Clan Warrior who could trace his ancestry to one of the Widowmaker Bloodlines absorbed by Clan Wolf). Colonel King was one of the original Dragoons, and he gained fame as Delta Regiment's conservative, but successful, commander until his death on New Argon in 3008.
   Major King was born in 3022 while the Dragoons were employed by house Steiner, just before they entered the service of the Draconis Combine. He entered the Dragoons MechWarrior training program in 3038 and graduated with flying colors in 3042.
   Natasha Kerensky was quick to recruit him into an empty slot in MacKenzie Wolf's Tarantula Company of the Black Widow Training Battalion. His tactical expertise won him a Lance command in 3044. Given the chance of a Company command in 3046, King jumped at the opportunity. He easily secured the position, especially as Colonel Kerensky and MacKenzie Wolf were his sponsors. Travis took command of a Beta Regiment Company which he nicknamed 'The Black Sword'. Under his steady command it soon became an efficient, deadly unit.
    When Natasha Kerensky returned to the Clans, she demonstrated her expectations for King by giving her Warhammer into his care. This, combined with his record, convinced Colonel Jamie Wolf that Travis King was the right man for the job of commanding the new multinational unit. Seeing the appointment as a chance to build a reputation for himself, King accepted.
   A Warrior and schooler, King also owns several small businesses on Outreach, including a bar in the main city of Harlech whech he bought in 3044 and named the 'Strana Mechty'. It was soon a favorite Dragoon watering-hole.

Having been trained by the Black Widow Battalion after undergoing the standard training found in the Dragoon Academy, Major King's Widowmakers are well versed in tactics geared specifically towards fighting the Clans as well as a mixed bag of unorthodox tactics. The greatest flaw in the Widowmakers combat doctrine comes from trying to integrate soldiers from various realms, all of whom have different battle doctrines, and many of whom who simply hate each other due to their place of origin.

The Widowmakers were constructed from the Wolf's Dragoons when at their peak, therefore, they could boast full transport and support assets. The Widowmakers possess a Union Class and a Seeker Class DropShip along with a Star Lord Class JumpShip.

The Widowmakers
CO: Major Travis King
XO: Lieutenant Alex Sorinson

The Spiders From Planet X
Air Lance/Elite/Reliable
Lieutenant Arnie 'Ace' Rimmer