Ongoing monthly games in Michigan

We've got four locations in Michigan with regular monthly games:
Summit Comics and Games in Lansing, Nostalgia Ink in Jackson,
BC Comix & Games in Battle Creek, and Gatekeeper Games in Berkley.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

December 2010 Schedule

12/03 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C
12/10 - 6:00pChuck WilsonBattletechDeath to Mercenaries21C
12/11 - 12:00nJeff StoneBattletech'Mechs, Munchies and MayhemULX
12/17 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C

'Mechs, Munchies and Mayhem
We will be doing a dry run for new Merc Company that we will start in January. Bring in your test choices for your mech to test run and make final choice and get any questions answered.

You can choose any mech as long as it is 1200 BV or under, NOT including pilot, mech only. Or Tank! Or VTOL! Or WIGE!

Pilot is auto 4/4.

Tech has to be 3072 or earlier, you can choose stuff from 3075, but has to be in Primitive section, as that is dated much before 3075.

We will begin with the 3072 Jihad era and work our way through to present times, if we survive! We will be using the warchest point system for accounting/repair/purchases, pretty easy and much more laid back than hard core merc rules.

Want this to be a bit more laid back and fun, so will make concessions for quality and enjoyment based on group dynamic,

We will also need a company name, so shoot suggestions. Also a commander is in order. And a second in command, just in case :). We will also want to assign lance commanders. Would like to maintain a true command structure and feel, as will want units to move in lances.

Guys feel free to coordinate unit choices, that would be a good idea, as would be a good idea to compliment each others choices if possible. That is main reason behind December test and tune, bring a handful of choices and we can run some quick test games to try them out and test dynamic with teammates.

Couple or ground rules:
1. Can choose mechs/tanks/vtol/wige. No infantry, to start.
2. Skill point advancement will be by points. 4 pts to drop one point in any skill. Points will be earned by survived missions, with one point being awarded to one pilot per mission who "Outdid" himself.
3. There will be NO pushing/charging/dfa-ing someone off-board. I know it is in rules, but takes away from gameplay in my mind. Kill your enemy the old fashioned way, WHOOP HIS ASS! If you are upset that I took a quick kill away, roll more 12's :)
I am not going to bend on this one, so do not even try.
4. I have not decided on "advanced rules" that we will be playing, I will go over before December 11th. Please post questions or suggestions on advanced rules and I will rule on them. I will respect all input, but realize I will make final judgement.
5. I would like also to rotate who is running scenarios with anyone interested, so I can get my mech in the fray also. So volunteers to rotate also apply.

This is the schedule for June at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing, Michigan (21C), Syndicate Local 415 events in Grand Rapids, Michigan (SYN), Virtual World Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan (VWE), RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan (RIW), Our House Games in Monroe, Michigan (OHG), WarGames North in Cadillac, Michigan (WGN), The War Room in Traverse City, Michigan (TWR), and U.L.X. in Grand Rapids, Michigan (ULX).