Ongoing monthly games in Michigan

We've got four locations in Michigan with regular monthly games:
Summit Comics and Games in Lansing, Nostalgia Ink in Jackson,
BC Comix & Games in Battle Creek, and Gatekeeper Games in Berkley.
Check the schedule for a game near you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2011 Schedule

06/03 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C
06/10 - 6:00pChuck WilsonBattletechRepublic vs. House Liao21C
06/11 - 9:00aGlenn HopkinsBattletechGrinder MIC
06/11 - 2:00pGlenn HopkinsBattletechGrinder MIC
06/11 - 7:00pGlenn HopkinsBattletechLyrans v. Jade Falcons MIC
06/17 - 6:00pJeff SkidmoreBattletechBattle for Donnegal21C
06/24 - 6:00pAaron PollyeaBattletechFree Worlds League: Post-Jihad Mash-Up21C
06/25 - 12:00nGlenn HopkinsBattletechRS3050U: Clan Honor vs. ArtilleryRIW

MichiCon 2011 will be held at 2200 N. Squirrel Rd. in Rochester, Michigan 48309

This is the schedule for June at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing, Michigan (21C), Virtual World Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan (VWE), RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan (RIW), Our House Games in Monroe, Michigan (OHG), WarGames North in Cadillac, Michigan (WGN), The War Room in Traverse City, Michigan (TWR), Skynet in Grand Rapids, Michigan (SKY), and MichiCon in Rochester, Michigan (MIC).