Ongoing monthly games in Michigan

We've got four locations in Michigan with regular monthly games:
Summit Comics and Games in Lansing, Nostalgia Ink in Jackson,
BC Comix & Games in Battle Creek, and Gatekeeper Games in Berkley.
Check the schedule for a game near you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October 2009 Schedule

10/2 - 6:00pAaron PollyeaBattletechBattleForce Tutorial21C
10/9 - 6:30pChuck WilsonBattletechMedium 'Mech Mayhem
on Solaris VII
10/16 - 6:00pAaron PollyeaBattletechClan Invasion, circa 3050-ish...21C
10/23 - 6:30pChuck WilsonBattletechMedium 'Mech Mayhem
on Solaris VII
10/31 - 11:00aChuck WilsonBattletechCoils Around the Nest
2009 Fall/Winter
World Wide Event

Medium 'Mech Mayhem on Solaris VII
This scenario will take place in a Solaris VII arena map. We'll be using medium 'Mechs with various tech-levels.

NOTE: Here's the kicker -- read Tac Ops and Strat Ops then bring a couple special rules and ammo choices that you'd like to try out. Before the game starts, every player will list our special rules/ammo and the group will vote on whether or not to use them in the scenario.

Afterwards, be sure to bring a couple bucks for some action in the Battletech pods! Tabletop Battletech is free for all. Playing the pods costs $3 for one ten-minute mission or $10 for four ten-minute missions.

BattleForce Tutorial
We'll be going through a battalion on Level III scenario tonight to better learn the Battleforce rules set. Please join us as we hash through it.

This is the schedule for June at 21st Century Comics and Games in East Lansing, Michigan (21C), Syndicate Local 415 events in Grand Rapids, Michigan (SYN), Virtual World Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan (VWE), RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan (RIW), Our House Games in Monroe, Michigan (OHG), WarGames North in Cadillac, Michigan (WGN), and iCelebrate Church in East Jordan, Michigan (ICC).